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How to Link Documents Inside WebResearch Collections

  1. Copy the WebResearch address of the document you want to link to.

    The WebResearch address is now on the Clipboard.
  2. Select the document that should contain a link to the original document.
  3. On the Edit menu, click Edit Document.
    Select or type the text for the hyperlink.

  4. Select and right-click the text for the hyperlink. Then, click Edit Hyperlink.

  5. Select (other) as type and paste the WebResearch address into the URL box by pressing CTRL+V.
  6. Click OK.

Important Notes

A WebResearch address consists of two parts:

  • DocID (represents the GUID of the document)
  • ArchiveID (represents the GUID of the collection)

If you want that the links also work with a different collection, you must remove the ArchiveID part of the address. Otherwise, the link would always point to that specific collection.

Example: wr://DocID=EBC3DD33-78BA-4776-A1B5-D52D1B0186D3




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