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How to Import Net Snippets Files into WebResearch

1. Basics

Net Snippets saves all documents in one flat folder: C:\Program Files\NetSnippets\Cache\

The folder structure and metadata are stored in different files. Metadata from Net Snippets cannot be imported into WebResearch at this time.

To keep the folder structure, you must export all documents and folders into a temporary directory. Net Snippets then creates the folders so that they can be saved in WebResearch.

As far as we have experienced, it is not possible to export the whole Netsnippets store in one run. You have to select every root folder and export folder by folder.

Right-click a folder and click Prepare for Delivery.

2. Export Every Root Folder

In the Prepare for Delivery dialog box, choose the following options:

  • Under Delivery Format, choose Copy Snippets without packaging.
  • Under Deliver To, specify a temporary folder (e.g. C:\Temp).
  • Clear the Include Snippet Details check box.
  • Select the Include Sub Folders check box.
  • Click Start.

Repeat this with every root folder.

3. Start WebResearch Multiple Saving

  1. Start WebResearch.
  2. On the File menu, click Import and select Multiple files or entire folders.

  3. Click Next.

4. Multiple Saving

  1. Check and expand the folders and files you would like to import.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Start WebResearch to see the saved documents.
    (Press F5 to refresh the Folder List.)

Note: Importing HTML files into WebResearch can take some time, depending on the quality of the saved files. If there is one with bad quality, there are many external and damaged references and WebResearch tries to get them from the Web, which may take some time.

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