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Does WebResearch support Unicode?

Saved Web pages are correctly stored as Unicode in your archives. However, the WebResearch user interface currently does not fully support Unicode.

Thus, when you save Web pages with a character set that is different from your Windows system locale, you will probably see question marks (????) in the Document List. However, the actual content of the saved Web page is correct.

The following screenshot was made on a Windows PC with German locale settings. Under a Russian locale, the Cyrillic characters would be displayed correctly:

Although WebResearch stores text in Unicode, the user interface does not support it. The UI controls only support the current ANSI code page (8 Byte per character) of your Windows system.

For example, you can run an English Windows version with Russian language settings and correctly save Chinese Web pages in WebResearch. If the title of this page contains Chinese characters, you will see question marks in the Document List. If you would send this document to a person with Chinese language settings, they would be displayed properly.

Please note that the Unicode display problem is very common. For example, Outlook 97-2002 have exactly the same problem. Only Outlook 2003 is finally capable of displaying the Unicode characters correctly in the Document List.

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