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How to Enter the WebResearch License

1. Start Entering License

As long as your WebResearch installation is not yet licensed, you can see the License menu within the WebResearch application. Click Enter License Data on that menu.

2. Enter License Data

Enter the following parts of your license now:

  1. Name of the licensee
    Take care of case sensitivity and exact writing as given.

  2. License date
    Type the date or pick it from the drop-down calendar according to the license.
    Please note that your license date was formatted in European date format (DD.MM.YYYY). For example, if the license date in your license e-mail is 07.08.2009, you must enter 08/07/09 (August 7, 2009) on a U.S. Windows system. 

  3. License key
    Type numbers and dashes.

  4. Click OK. WebResearch will then be fully licensed.

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