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How to use Web Research with Maxthon

Please note: Maxthon 2.0 Beta currently does not support IE-Toolbars. Therefore the following instructions will only work with Maxthon 1.5.9 build 80.

Perform these steps to enable the Web Research Toolbar in Maxthon:

  1. Verify that Maxthon is no longer running, otherwise it will not work!
  2. Right-click Plugins.ini and save the file to the following folder:
    C:\Program Files\Maxthon\Config.
    If you are prompted to overwrite the existing file, click Yes.
  3. Start Maxthon.
  4. Maxthon will notify you that new third party plugins were found.
    At this time, do not enable them if you are not sure.

  5. Click Maxthon Options on the Options menu.

  6. In the Plugin section, click the IE Plugin tab and check the two Web Research toolbars.

  7. Restart Maxthon.
Current News
June 20:
Web Research now with scanner interface

May 30:

Update for Web Research with 'Send To' menu integration

March 7, 2007:

Outlook Add-in now compatible with Outlook 2007
Current version:

Web Research:
Version 2.7.3527
July 10, 2007
Update now

Outlook Add-in:
Version 2.7.710
June 20, 2007
Update now
Network Add-on:
Version 2.7.316
April 12, 2007
Update now


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