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How to Update the Web Research Server Databases

Sometimes newer Versions of Web Research introduce new features or optimizations that require changes in the underlying SQL Server databases. Since the Web Research Client cannot perform this changes itself they have to be applied by the Web Research Server Manager.

How to update the SQL Server databases:

  1. First install the latest Web Research Network Add-on.
    You can download it here and install it over the existing release.
  2. Verify, if you have the latest Web Research Professional Release. To do this, click Check for Updates on the Help Menu.
  3. Start Web Research Server Manager.
  4. When there are databases with older formats, you should get this message box.
    Click Yes to convert.

  5. To verify, if all databases have been updated, check it's version property.
    It should be 1.70, as you cnasee here:

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