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Error when copying documents in network collections

Recommended Steps:

  1. Check if the Microsoft MDAC and Jet database drivers are up to date on your client PC. Updates and a checking tool are available at our MDAC Download and Repair page.
  2. A further error source can be an older SQL Server installation. Therefore check the product version in Web Research Server Manager:

    The first number identifies the version: 8.00 stands for SQL Server 2000 and 9.00 for SQL Server 2005. The following digit represents the build number, which indicate the update level. According this number you will know if you should install an update. Compare the value with the table here:
      Version Most current Release Download
    SQL Server 2000 8.00 8.00.2187

    SQL Server 2005 9.00 9.00.2047

Current News
November 29:
Web Research version 2.8

November 28:

New tool: ExpressFolders

Current version:

Web Research:
Version 2.8.3703
December 6, 2007
Update now

Outlook Add-in:
Version 2.7.712
August 13, 2007
Update now
Network Add-on:
Version 2.8.335
November 29, 2007
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