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Please help, I can't start Web Research!

General Information

First of all, do not panic if you can't start ContentSaver anymore. Such problems can be resolved in 99.9% of all cases and no data will be lost.

If the following steps do not help, please contact us at support@macropool.com.

Reinstall the Most Current Web Research Release

Sometimes the installation is broken, so we recommend that you uninstall and install again.
Also, check whether a newer version is available (see download page).

Important: Always uninstall via Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. Do not use uninstaller software.

Reinstall Visual Basic Runtime Library

We recommend installing the latest update for the Visual Basic Runtime Library:
Visual Basic 6 Run-Time Library Post-SP6 (03/2004) (1 MB)

Reinstall Data Access Components

In some cases, the MDAC components get broken so that you need to repair MDAC.

Current News
June 20:
Web Research now with scanner interface

May 30:

Update for Web Research with 'Send To' menu integration

March 7, 2007:

Outlook Add-in now compatible with Outlook 2007
Current version:

Web Research:
Version 2.7.3527
July 10, 2007
Update now

Outlook Add-in:
Version 2.7.710
June 20, 2007
Update now
Network Add-on:
Version 2.7.316
April 12, 2007
Update now

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