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Web Research Problems and their Solutions

Problems and Potential Issues

Help, I can't start Web Research
I cannot see the Web Research Toolbar in Internet Explorer
Problems with Web pages containing non-European characters
The Web Research toolbar is swapped with another Internet Explorer toolbar
Windows Installer appears every time I start Explorer or Web Research
Runtime Error 429: ActiveX component cannot create object
Error message "Automation error - Library not registered"
Error message "Unrecognizable database format"
Error message "Operation must use an updatable query"
Error message "Not a valid Bookmark"

Install and uninstall problems

Error message when uninstalling Web Research

Current News
June 20:
Web Research now with scanner interface

May 30:

Update for Web Research with 'Send To' menu integration

March 7, 2007:

Outlook Add-in now compatible with Outlook 2007
Current version:

Web Research:
Version 2.7.3527
July 10, 2007
Update now

Outlook Add-in:
Version 2.7.710
June 20, 2007
Update now
Network Add-on:
Version 2.7.316
April 12, 2007
Update now


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