What's New in WebResearch 3?


New Feature Feature Description and Benefits How to Find
Desktop Search Support
  • Much faster searching in WebResearch (up to 20 times faster)
  • Full-text search also through saved PDF and Office documents
  • Supports Boolean expressions (AND, OR, NOT, etc.)
  • Under Windows Vista: On by default
    Under Windows XP: Requires installation of the free
    Windows Desktop Search add-on from Microsoft
  • On the toolbar, click Find.
Data Sync
(Pro only)
  • Keeps two WebResearch data files in sync (for example, automatically transfers pages saved on your laptop over the weekend to your main collection on your desktop)
  • Allows you to specify the direction for the sync
  • Syncs also metadata like folder, title, comment
  • On the Tools menu, click Synchronize.
Password Protection
(Pro only)
  • Password protects data files containing sensible information
  • If desired, remembers the password for the rest of the day to minimize disruption
  • On the File menu, point to Collection, and then click
    Password Protection
Improved Categories
(Pro only)
WebResearch 3 now allows you to...
  • move (restructure) categories. In addition, all categorized documents will be automatically updated to reflect the new categories structure.
  • create new categories and subcategories directly in the Folder List.

  • assign categories by using drag & drop. This makes it also much faster now to categorize multiple documents.
  • quickly go to the original folder location of a categorized document.
  • Right-click a category, and on the shortcut menu, click Move Category.
  • Right-click a category in the Folder List, and on the shortcut menu,
    click New Category.
  • Select multiple documents, and then drop them onto a category in the Folder List.
  • In the Folder List, click a category to view its documents. Select a document, and then above the Document List, click Go to Folder.
Check If Already Saved
(Pro only)
  • Before saving a Web page, you can quickly determine if you already  have saved the page in the past (to avoid duplicate savings)
  • Offers a preview of all earlier saved versions of the Web page
  • In the browser, on the WebResearch toolbar, click the Check If Already Saved button.
Examine Last Saved Document
  • After saving a Web page, you can quickly verify that the page has been saved as desired (for example, before leaving an important shopping cart page you wanted to capture)
  • In the browser, on the WebResearch toolbar, click the Examine Last Saved Document button.
Refresh from the Web
(Pro only)
  • Updates a saved Web page with its latest version from the Internet
  • Offers a preview first so that you can verify how the new version will look and compare it with the previous one
  • Right-click a document, and on the shortcut menu, click Refresh from the Web.
Vertical Reading Pane
  • The Reading Pane can now be displayed to the right of the Document List
  • Provides more room for reading on widescreen monitors
  • On by default if a widescreen resolution is detected
  • On the View menu, point to Reading Pane, and then click Position at Right Side.
List of Actions for Open Collections
  • When displaying the properties of a collection, a list of actions you can take with the collection appears. Thus, managing open collections is easier now.
  • In the Folder List, click a collection. The properties of the collection appear. On the right side of the pane, a list of actions is displayed.
Mail Icon for Items Saved from Outlook  
Delete Search History
  • Allows you to remove specific items from the most recently used search strings list
  • On the toolbar, click Find. In the Find box, click the drop-down arrow, select the item you want to remove from the list with the arrow keys, and then press Del.
More Flexible Handling of Unavailable Data Files
  • Data files that are temporarily unavailable are no longer automatically removed from WebResearch and are now just displayed with a special icon in the Folder List. If the data source becomes available again (for example, after plugging in an external hard disk where the data file is stored), you can reopen the data file just by clicking it in the Folder List.
More Speed
  • Faster saving of Web pages
  • Faster startup of WebResearch if multiple collections are open
Support for Latest Browsers
and Windows 7
  • Supports Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Supports Firefox 3 and 4
  • Supports Windows 7

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