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Scanner Interface for Web Research


Since version 2.7.3520, Web Research includes a scanner interface that you can use to scan paper documents directly into Web Research.

Main benefits of the scanner interface:

  • In addition to Web content, you can now add paper documents to your existing Web Research collections (for example, newspaper articles).
  • Direct integration with Web Research avoids complicated manual scan and file import procedures.
  • Easy control of image dimensions, quality, and file size including real-time preview
  • Metadata like title, comment, or source of the image can be entered at the same time

How It Works

  1. Put a paper document on your scanner.
  2. In Web Research, on the File menu, click Import from Scanner.
  3. Create a preview and crop the region to save.
  4. Click Scan.
  5. Adjust size and quality (settings will be saved)
  6. Add title, comment, and source, and choose a folder, if desired.
  7. Click Save.

System Requirements

  • Web Research Personal or Professional, version 2.7.3520 or later
  • Scanner device that supports WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) or TWAIN


  • You can scan up to five documents for evaluation purposes
  • To use this feature after trial, you need to purchase a license (~ US-$ 21.00)

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