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Web Research Outlook Add-in

With the Web Research Outlook Add-in you can save e-mail messages from within Microsoft Outlook as easy as Web pages in the browser. Save important newsletters along with their images, articles received in e-mail, order confirmations, blog posts read in Outlook, etc.

Download Web Research Outlook Add-in

Key Benefits

  • Easy setup and usage
  • No security warnings
  • Three ways to save: Save in 'New Documents' Folder Now, Save in Specific Folder, Save As.
  • Save screen clippings
  • Great look of saved e-mail messages in ContentSaver
  • E-mail addresses of sender and recipient are being preserved and remain as clickable links

Movable Toolbar in Outlook

After installing the add-in, you will find an additional toolbar with several ContentSaver commands in Outlook:

How to Save E-mail Messages

  1. Select one or several e-mail messages that you want to save in ContentSaver:

    Note: The toolbar above is overlaid only for illustration purposes.
  2. Now choose one of three commands:
    - Save in 'New Documents' folder
    - Save in a specific folder
    - Save as: Specify title, folder, categories, etc.

  3. When saving several items, you will see a progress indicator:

  4. When finished, a notification window will appear, which will automatically disappear after some seconds:

  5. The saved messages are now stored in ContentSaver as regular HTML documents. As you can see in the figure below:
    - Names and addresses are embedded as clickable links
    - Subject and date are included in the header
    - External linked images were downloaded and saved
    - Attachments were saved as well

Saving Screen Clippings

You can also save screen clippings from Outlook. For example:

  • Save an email as image for other people
  • Save email list with columns
  • document Outlook calendar
  • capture option settings to undo changes later

Download Web Research Outlook Add-in


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