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WebResearch 3 Is Here!

The new generation of WebResearch offers countless improvements requested by our users.
On this page, you can find an overview of the
most significant new features:


Instant Search and Support for Windows Search

Under Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, WebResearch 3 now integrates with Windows Search and utilizes its indexing technology for searching.


  • Much faster search in WebResearch due to full-text indexing (up to 20 times faster!)
  • Full-text search now includes saved PDF and Office documents
  • Powerful query features (Boolean operators like OR, AND, NOT; wildcards etc.)
  • Search your WebResearch data files directly from within Windows Search and the Windows Vista/7 start menu (see figure on the right)
  • Search through all WebResearch data files in one run


Vertical Reading Pane

WebResearch 3 can now display the Reading Pane to the right of the Document List. This provides much more room for reading on widescreen monitors, which are increasingly common. In addition, you can see more documents in the list without scrolling.

This view is on automatically if a widescreen resolution is detected.




Synchronizing of Two Collections
(Professional Only)

WebResearch 3 now offers a powerful synchronization feature that automatically copies data from one data file to another. For example, you can now easily transfer Web pages you have saved on your laptop over the weekend to your main computer.

WebResearch will also sync folders and metadata like comments.

After the initial run, WebResearch will remember which documents have already been synchronized so that future syncs will be very fast.


More Flexible Categories (Professional Only)

  • You can finally move (restructure) categories.
  • A number behind each category now indicates how many documents have been assigned to this category (previously available for folders only).
  • You can now create new categories directly from within the Folder List.
  • Assign categories by using the drag & drop method (drop documents onto a category).
  • The Go to Original Folder command is now available for categories, too.

Refresh from the Web
(Professional Only)

You can now easily replace a saved document with its latest revision from the Web while preserving existing metadata.

Before replacing the existing document, WebResearch displays both versions side-by-side so that you can compare both and decide whether to overwrite the existing document. In addition, this enables you to verify first that the new version will be saved as desired.




New Commands in the Browser:
Prevention of Duplicate Saving and Verification of Last Saving

The WebResearch toolbar in the browser now offers two new commands:

  • By clicking Check If Already Saved, WebResearch will determine if you have already saved this page in the past, which prevents duplicate savings. If WebResearch finds earlier saved versions of the page, it will display them in a list with a preview.
  • Examine Last Saved Document displays a preview of the last saved document. This enables you to verify directly after saving that the document has been saved correctly, for example.

Password Protection (Professional Only)

You can now protect WebResearch data files with a personal password. Then, before viewing saved documents from this data file, the password must be specified.

To minimize disruption, WebResearch can remember the password for the rest of the day, if desired.


Better Handling of Currently Unavailable Data Files

In WebResearch 3, the handling of currently unavailable data files has been improved fundamentally. If a collection is temporarily unavailable, WebResearch 3 no longer automatically closes it. Instead, the collection gets a special icon and continues to appear within WebResearch.

If the data source becomes available again (for example, after plugging in an external hard drive where to collection is stored), you can just click the icon to view the data.

This handling is also beneficial when using Network Collections, which might become disconnected sometimes. Thus, you no longer have to reopen the collection each time the connection is dropped.

More Speed

  • WebResearch 3 now saves Web pages even faster, especially pages based on style sheets.
  • In addition, startup of the WebResearch application is faster because WebResearch no longer connects to all open data files by default. The connection will only be established once you actually use a data file.

List of Actions for Collections

If you select a collection entry in the Folder List, a list of actions that you can take with this collection now appears. Actions that don't make sense with this specific collection simply aren't shown.
This makes it easier to manage your open collections.


Special Icon for Saved Outlook Items

Items saved from Microsoft Outlook using the WebResearch Outlook Add-in now get a special icon in WebResearch so that you can easily recognize them.


More Vista Style

Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, WebResearch 3 now displays more elements in the native modern look (see right figure for an example), which makes WebResearch even easier to use.

Support for Latest Browsers and Windows 7

WebResearch 3 now supports Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3 (WebResearch 2.x only supported Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.x). WebResearch 3 has also been improved for compatibility with Windows 7.

…and more—experience WebResearch 3 yourself now!

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