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On this page, you can find all downloads regarding ContentSaver.

Download ContentSaver now, try it for up to 30 days, and experience its great value.
Starting with ContentSaver is very easy!

ContentSaver Download
     10.4 MB; Version 2.1 (2.1.3189) from March 9, 2006
System requirements:
  • Windows XP  or
  • Windows 2000  or
  • Windows Server 2003

Additional Browser Integrations (Free)

ContentSaver integrates into Internet Explorer by default.
The following browsers are also supported in various ways:

Firefox Extension Enable ContentSaver Toolbar in Maxthon
Opera Integration Enable ContentSaver Toolbar in Slimbrowser

Additional Downloads

Outlook Add-in
  (Save Outlook items together with their attachments in ContentSaver)
ContentSaver Server
  (Network solution for workgroups and high data volume)

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